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Perilous Wilde follows the valiant Amelya Conner and her forest band of exiles as they plot a town's rescue against villainous invaders. It's a callback to traditional adventure games of the 80s and 90s with a twist: certain highlighted actions have uncertain outcomes that will change on different playthroughs, but can be controlled through careful planning!

Perilous Wilde was made for the 2021 Adventure X Jam in 2 weeks, plus later ongoing bugfixes and minor updates.

Version 3.0 of Perilous Wilde! Final version pending anything I broke with this specific update. Fixed a bunch of spelling errors, improved Look and Use text for injured Wu, the Toad, and the Cave. Added Steven Don to the credits.

Source code and art now available for download.

Check out the Soundcloud album for all the game's tracks: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/rVqAU

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Pixel Art


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PerilousBuild-3.0-MacOSX.zip 30 MB
PerilousBuild-3.0-Win.zip 30 MB
PerilousBuild-3.0-Source.zip 282 MB
PerilousBuild-3.0-Win_1600x900.zip 30 MB


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I can't seem to run the Mac version. I'm running OS Monterey. Any ideas?

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I'll see what I can do, though I wouldn't get my hope up to high for this game given how many macs it DOES  seem to work for since I cant test myself: do you get any sorts of errors or reports or anything?

Yes, it just says, "The application “Build” can’t be opened."


This is awesome!!!  Can tell a lot went into making this.  The art work was fantastic and definitely felt like it was from that era -the story and writing was really good too!  Also loved the way the title is part of the map :D  Really enjoyed this game -fantastic work!! :D


PS: the dice was really cool too! :D


Thanks a bunch Chase!! Hoping to do another adventure jam like this again sometime!


Thank you for joining us when we played your game during our stream! 😊 Wrote a little recap for our blog that I'd like to share here:

Perilous Wilde gave us a wonderful glimpse of a classic point-and-click adventure experience and involved some of our favorite things – dice! Dice and failing! In Perilous Wilde, you'll experience the days leading up to a group of adventurers' attempt of capturing a weapon delivery.

The game offers a semi-linear experience, as you'll have to roll the dice again and again when trying to accomplish certain tasks, be it by talking or unsheathing your sword. Our favorite moment was when we actually failed one of those tasks, as this is something we so rarely get to experience! Also, we watched in awe when we first saw the world map with its various locations.

Thanks for playing! It was cool to see people's eyes immediately light up when the dice rolling clicked for y'all :D


A lovely incursion into the Perilous Wilde. Lady luck was on my side with the rolls so things were pretty smooth. :) Great work in the jam. 


Thanks a bunch! It was a delight to work on, glad you had fun with it!

sorry, but what do I do wrong? I cannot seem to save the game, I only get "new game" each time I start again... there was a save1.sav created in the game folder, though... Any idea?

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The game is not savable as is (this was outside the scope of the jam) exiting the game creates a save file because it calls a save and exit function, but the save file contains no data about the game.

ah, OK... the exit button actually displays as "save" when you hover over it. Maybe you should explain this on the itch.io page or somewhere after startup.

So next time I have to make sure to bring enough free time for a complete runthrough!

New version features the intended text for the exit button. Sorry about the confusing, thanks for reporting!

very good

Thanks for playing!


Really ambitious in scope, allowing multiple paths through the game. I'm a sucker for SCI graphics in the EGA palette and for MT-32 sounds, so this is right up my alley. Thanks for doing that patch as quickly as you did in response to my bug reports, so that I could make it to the end of the game! Turned out just as impressive as I'd guessed from watching you stream. Looking forward to exploring a bit more and finding my way to the saltpetre.


Thanks for doing so much bug testing :P game would probably still be much more broken.