Jam game for SodorJam March 2024 (2 week game jam)! Theme: "You have to leave it behind."
Version 1.1

Controls: Z to interact, X to use ability, Enter to start.

Known issues: Left switch visuals are bugged but functional.


Updated 29 days ago
TagsGame Boy, sodorjam


RipjackRom.zip 219 kB
RipjackSource.zip 7 MB


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Lovely gameplay, lovely music and lovely art style. A fun time all around!

Excellent excellent excellent !!!!!! The music was phenomenal and really set the mood ! Excellent loop as well, I found it very captivating! The gameplay mechanics were smooth and polished, having a mix of top-down and platformer was really cool and reminded me of Oracle of Seasons/Ages, my fave Zelda games. Loved the puzzle aspect! I found it difficult BUT fair ! It was fun figuring it out and finally reaching the Big Boss! Wonderful art and palette too !!!!! 100000000000/100000000000000

Super glad you liked it, and thanks for streaming! It's a lot of fun to watch these sorts of things :]

I enjoyed this quite a bit! Thank you all for making it <3

The puzzles were well thought out and very fun to work through. I soft-locked a few times, but since this game is a) short and b) a game jam game, I'm not losing sleep over it. The UI was explained well enough and the mechanics were intuitive. Since I'm a lifelong gamer, I experimented and figured out you can push the crates (the square tiles telegraph it well enough), but I suspect a player without crate-pushing experience might need a bit more to clue them in.

The aesthetics were on-point and I found the game a joy to look at. I was initially a bit disoriented by what was and wasn't passable, interactable, etc. but it became clear very quickly. The music was *very* lovely. Not only was the melody fun to listen to (caught myself humming it a few times), but the "period-appropriate" binary waltz form made for a perfect aesthetic fit. The tempo and slight restlessness served to keep me in a focused mood throughout; perfect for a puzzle game!

Really, really solid, all of you!

(P.S. If there's an easter egg involving the shopkeeper zapping you ala Link's Awakening, I didn't find it, but I'll bet money that at least crossed one of your minds XD)

Glad you enjoyed it!! :] No such easter eggs unfortunately, but I'll keep it in mind if there's a longer game!
If you think you know how the softlock might be reproduced, please let me know!